In 1986, Dave had been making quite a name for himself in the industry, playing with the likes of Simon and Garfunkel, Bill Connors, Diana Ross, Madonna, George Benson, and Michel Camilo. But when he got the call from Chick Corea to join the Elektric Band that year, everything changed.

Always a working musician, Dave had spent more than six years working in many forms of music and becoming known for his ability to play what was appropriate for each genre - and each situation. But behind this professional approach was a unique brand of creative and technical prowess - appropriate for the unique creations Chick's newest project would produce.

With 1986's debut album, The Chick Corea Elektric Band, the band completely redefined the "fusion" genre with incredibly dynamic compositions. Each member of the band - legendary pianist/composer Chick Corea, guitarist Frank Gambale, bassist John Patitucci, saxophonist Eric Marienthal, and Dave, brought a new level of innovation to their respective instruments.

Chick's thoughtful, playful, and intricate compositions as executed by these master musicians were received by legions of fans worldwide. This granted the emergence of high-level music - and the musicians who made it - into a mainstream arena.

The band went on to record 1987's Light Years, 1988's Eye of the Beholder, 1990's Inside Out, and 1991's Beneath the Mask. More recently, in 2004, the band reunited in the studio to record To The Stars.

The second edition of the Elektric Band featured bassist Jimmy Earl, guitarist Mike Miller, drummer Gary Novak, and original member Eric Marienthal on saxophone. The band released 1993's Paint the World on GRP Records.

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