Special thanks to Chris Aleo for compilation and maintenance of Dave's discography, spanning more than 28 years.

album artist date(s) recorded
Jazzisimo! Laco Dezi March 10, 1981
Sax Syndrom Miroslav Krysl Saxtet 1982
Audesence Josef Audes 1982
One Summer Night Simon & Garfunkel July 27, 1983
Cleo George Wadenius January, 1984
Share My Dream Gerry Niewood 2/29-3/1/84, 1/7/85
French Toast French Toast April 7-9, 1984
Step It Bill Connors June 12-13 & October 15, 1984
Why Not! Paquito D’Rivera Jun 19-21, 1984
Swept Away Diana Ross Sep-84
Like A Virgin Madonna 1984
Honeydrippers Vol. 1 The Honeydrippers 1984
20/20 George Benson 1984
Why Not? Michel Camilo Feb 25-27, 1985
Passion Fruit Ronnie Cuber Feb 28-Mar 1, 1985
Live From Elario’s Chick Corea Elektric Band April 19, 1985
Amanda Randy Brecker & Eliane Elias May, 1985
The Bottom Line Richard Tee June & July, 1985
Speed Demon David Matthews July 3, 1985
Take No Prisoners Peabo Bryson Summer ‘85
Made In New York Tania Maria 1985
A Chorus Line Motion Picture Soundtrack 1985
Live at the Maintenance Shop (bootleg) Chick Corea Elektric Band 1985
Slice Of Life Special EFX Jan-86
Elektric Band Chick Corea Early 1986
Upside Downside Mike Stern March-April, 1986
Suntan Michel Camilo Trio June 29-30, 1986
Billy Boy David Matthews Trio July 9-10, 1986
Mystique Special EFX Early 1987
Light Years Chick Corea Elektric Band Early 1987
Waltz For Debby (aka "Manhattan Sunset") David Matthews Trio June 22 & 24, 1987
Inferno Bireli Lagrene Jul-87
Nightwind Mike Lawrence August, 1987
New York Rendezvous The SOS All-Stars September, 1987
GRP Super Live In Concert Corea/Grusin/Ritenour/Scott/Schuur October 8, 1987
Summer Night Live Chick Corea Akoustic Band Oct-87
Double Feature Special EFX Dec-87
John Patitucci John Patitucci Dec-87
The Camera Never Lies Michael Franks 1987
Contemporary Drummer + One Dave Weckl 1987
Love Aztec Camera 1987
Plays Blue Note Manhattan Jazz Quintet January 15-16, 1988
Michel Camilo Michel Camilo Jan. 30-Feb. 1, 1988
Eye Of The Beholder Chick Corea Elektric Band Early 1988
Overjoyed William Galison April 20-May 1, 1988
Face To Face Manhattan Jazz Quintet May 15,1988 & March 27, 1989
Unknown Standards David Matthews Trio July 17-18, 1988
My Shining Hour Chuck Loeb December 7, 1988
Special (outtakes from "Caravan" sessions) Manhattan Jazz Quintet December 9, 1988
Caravan Manhattan Jazz Quintet December 9-10, 1988
A Place Like This Robbie Nevil 1988
Greetings From New York The SOS All-Stars 1988
GRP Christmas Collection Various 1988
Live from Nagano Sun Plaza, Tokyo
(Unofficial Bootleg)
Chick Corea Elektric Band 1988
Chick Corea Akoustic Band Chick Corea Late 1988/Early 1989
On The Corner John Patitucci Late 1988/Early 1989
Blackwood Eddie Daniels Late 1988/Early 1989
Round Trip Eric Marienthal Late 1988/Early 1989
New York Voices (Collection )* New York Voices Late 1988/Early 1989
* Dave not credited on this 1989 album until 1994 when NYV's "Collection" was issued    
Public Access Steve Khan January, 1989
On Fire Michel Camilo June 20, 24 & 25, 1989
Moanin' Manhattan Jazz Orchestra August 12, 15 & 21, 1989
Inside You Richard Tee 1989
Magic Fingers Chuck Loeb and Andy LaVerne October 5-6 & 12-13, 1989
Inside Out Chick Corea Elektric Band Late 1989
Nepenthe Eddie Daniels December 6, 7 & 9, 1989
Yesterday & Today
(Japanese Import)
George Young 1989
Crossroads Eric Marienthal 1990
The Next Step Dave Weckl 1990
Master Plan Dave Weckl 1990
Extremeties Tom Schumann 1990
We Remember Pastorius Various Artists November 1990, May 1991
Alive Chick Corea Akoustic Band Early 1991
Flight To Freedom Arturo Sandoval Early 1991
Pleasure Seekers Andy LaVerne January 10,11 & 12, 1991
Note Worker Frank Gambale 1991
Unforgettable Natalie Cole 1991
Beneath The Mask Chick Corea Elektric Band Spring 1991
The Gershwin Connection Dave Grusin 1991
Showstoppers Barry Manilow 1991
A Long Story Eliane Elias 1991
GRP All-Star Big Band GRP All Stars January 12, 1992
Heads Up Dave Weckl 1992
Youkali Jim Hall 1992
Calling You Ted Rosenthal Jan, Feb, May, June 1992
Forever Michael Fienstein June, 1992
Gathering Forces 1 Darius & Dan Brubeck 1992
Live At The Lonestar Roadhouse The Soul of R & B Revue December 5, 1992
Barbara Montgomery Barbara Montgomery 1992
Live At Nakano Sun Plaza (bootleg) Chick Corea Elektric Band 1992
Working it Out: Latin Percussion 1 Dave Weckl and Walfredo Reyes Sr.  
Another World John Patitucci 1993
Three Graces Jeff Beal January 13-14, 1993
Rendezvous Michel Camilo January 18-20, 1993
GRP ALL-Star Big Band Live GRP All-Star Big Band January 31, 1993
Always Aziza Mustafa Zadeh February, 1993
Special Jorg Kleutgens ("J.K.") June, 1993
Ultimate Play-Along For Drums, Vol. 1 Dave Weckl and Walfredo Reyes Sr. 1993
Ultimate Play-Along For Drums, Vol. 2 Dave Weckl and Walfredo Reyes Sr. 1993
Hard Wired Dave Weckl Late '93 or Early '94
All Blues GRP All-Star Big Band January 8-9, 1994
Burning For Buddy Various Artists May, 1994
Burning For Buddy, Vol. II Various Artists May, 1994
Mistura Fina John Patitucci June 23-24,Aug. 10-12 & 16-20, 1994
After Hours (Ritual) Claudio Passavanti 1994
The Songs Of West Side Story Various Artists February, 1995
Thinking Out Loud Frank Gambale May, 1995
Jazz Go-Go Mike Stern Band June 23-25, 1995
Storyteller Ricardo Silveira August, 1995
Jimmy Earl Jimmy Earl October, 1995
Between the Lines Mike Stern February, 1996
Ultimate Play-Along For Drums, Vol. 2 Dave Weckl 1996
First Move Larry Steen 1996
SMAP009 SMAP 1996
Basses Loaded Tom Kennedy November, 1996
Primarily For Christmas Brett Raymond 1996
TributeTo Jeff David Garfield & Friends April 30-August 26, 1996
Daylight Again Walter Duda August, 1997
West Side Story Dave Grusin September, 1997
This Is Love Lee Ritenour December, 1997-February, 1998
Rhythm Of The Soul Dave Weckl Band February, 1998
Hope Floats Original Soundtrack June, 1998
Variations In Time Melvin Lee Davis 1998
Evidence Adam Nitti 1998
On Films
(Promo CD with edited versions of scores and cues used in films)
Arturo Sandoval 1998
Synergy Dave Weckl Band January 18-22, 1999
Vera Cruz Island Vera Figuierdo March 1999-February 2000
The Sacred Nature Of Life Chema Vilchez Spring 1999
Jazz MN Big Band Jazz MN Big band 1999 and 2000
Live At The Baked Potato Vol. 1 Jeff Richman 1999 and 2000
Live At The Baked Potato Vol. 2 Jeff Richman 1999 and 2000
Tenderness Yoshiko Kishino May 15-19, 2000
Transition Dave Weckl Band June 29-July 2, 2000
Innovators Sam Kardon & Kurt Bestor 2000
Digability Sam Kardon 2000
Soulmate Michael Dowdle 2000
The Zone Dave Weckl 2000
Dream In Red: The Music of Peter Gabriel American Rock Orchestra 2000
How to Develop Your Own Sound Dave Weckl 2001
A Natural Evolution Dave Weckl 2001
In Session - Rhythm of the Soul Dave Weckl 2001
Evidence Adam Nitti 2001
Bebop Jay Graydon 2001
Radiant Randy Hoexter 2001
Out Of Site Kiyomi Otaka October 26 & 27, 2001
Rendezvous In New York Chick Corea December, 2001
Perpetual Motion Dave Weckl Band January, 2002
Angel Island Dreamroad 2002
Portrait of Bill Evans Elias, Grusin, Hancock, James, Mehldau 2002
Elektric Band Reunion Chick Corea Elektric Band October 19, 2002
25th Anniversary Celebration & Bass Day Drummers Collective November 24, 2002
Live (and very plugged in) Dave Weckl Band December 17-22, 2002
Jam It Up! Nils Gessinger March 2001-March 2003
Back To Basics Dave Weckl 2003 (DVD Release)
How to Practice Dave Weckl 2003
How To Develop Techinique Dave Weckl 2003
Don't Look Back Jake Kot 2003
Simplicity Roy Vogt 2003
Lugano Estival Jazz
(Unofficial Bootleg)
Chick Corea Elektric Band 2003
Exercises for Natural Playing Dave Weckl 2004
Musicbox Peter Mayer 2004
To The Stars Chick Corea Elektric Band 2004
Jaco Songs 2 Various Artists 2004
Red Hot Ebony & Ivory July-September 2004
Worlds Collide El Douje 2004
Sole Intention Walter Duda 2004
Oneness Damian Draghici 2004
Multiplicity Dave Weckl Band 2005
Miami Gumbi Ortiz 2006
Who Let the Cats Out Mike Stern 2006
Life Tones and Film Colors Fabio Jegher 2006
(Dave's song recorded in 1994)
Domino Yiogos Fakanas 2006
In So Many Ways John St. Peeters 2006
Viva Carlos Produced by Jeff Richmond 2006
Clear View Andrew Neu 2007
Walk the Walk Tito Pascoal 2007
School of the Arts T. Lavitz 2007
Just Around the Corner Eric Marienthal 2007
Christmas Present Boney James 2007
Hemispheres Ric Fierabracci 2007
Live in Gualdo (bootleg) The Dave Weckl Band 2007
Introducing Sarina Suno Sarina Suno 2007
Signals Phil Turcio 2008
Danger Technical Info 2008
Wizart Genco Ari 2008
Heard That Jeff Lorber 2008
La Foule Christophe Cravero 2008
Between Two Worlds Chuck Loeb 2009
Moving Forward Bernie Williams 2009
Big Neighborhood Mike Stern 2009
Interspirit Yiorgos Fakanas 2009
Note:  Titles in yellow lettering denote instructional products.