Recording live performances is important to Dave, both to study and analyze as a practice tool, and to document performances. In the past, portable DAT machines or Mini Disk units had to suffice. But todayís technology allows for a few more alternatives, allowing quick two track recordings that can go straight to an iPod, or multi-track recordings to a laptop with ease - something really not feasible...until now.

Dave uses two pieces of M-Audio gear to accomplish those needs. When short on time, and wanting just to get it recorded with minimum set up and hassle, the MicroTrack mp3 recorder is his choice. Whether using it with the included mic or straight off either Daveís mixer or front of house, itís awesome!

There are those times, though, that a multi track recording, to be mixed later, is desired. With the 1814 FireWire M-Audio box, itís very easy! Dave uses a Yamaha 01v96 digital mixer, both as his monitor desk, and to provide FOH with a stereo drum mix. It also has a light pipe output (allowing 8 assignable separate outs), that are assigned to go out to the 1814 M-Audio box. The rest of the inputs are analog (8 more possible!)

With M-Powered Pro Tools on the laptop, the process is easy, with great results! (click on any QT file to hear for yourself!) Via FireWire, Dave's Powerbook G4, using the M-Audio program, sets up the outputs through it's 'mixer' page, then inputs are assigned in PT coming from the 1814, so it allows Dave to have stereo drums and everyone else separate.

About M-Audio

M-Audio, a business unit of Avid Technology, Inc, is a leading provider of creative tools for computer-centric musicians and audio professionals.

Founded in 1988, the Company now has independent offices in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France and Japan. M-Audio is the driving force in the industry empowering musicians to create, perform and record with complete mobile hardware/software solutions that have forever changed when, where and how music is made.

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