The Dave Weckl Acoustic Band - LIVE DVD
"I have spent most of my career reaching for a greater and deeper freedom to create. My greatest reward has been the chemistry shared on stage with many great musicians. This band has a unique chemsitry that elevates that freeom for all of us. We thrive together - every night - in an ideal creative space."  - Dave Weckl

This concert captures four brilliant musicians conversing in the language of jazz. Sit back and enjoy seven original compositions from the band's debut CD Of The Same Mind. Then, watch the group compose right on the spot with a completely improvised piece.

Punctuated by the chemistry of four masters, the Dave Weckl Acoustic Band delivers an emotional whirlwind that is live jazz. We're please to present it to you authentically - as it was felt by one very lucky audience - on a warm Hollywood night.
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High quality standard DVD (no Blu Ray available). 1:41 playing time. Includes 11 tracks (including a full drum solo!)

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Of The Same Mind

The Dave Weckl Acoustic Band represents the realization of a dream.

In 2013, while touring with Mike Stern, Dave was reintroduced to playing with the amazing Makoto Ozone. Dave met Makoto in the '80s, and Makoto blew Dave away during this tour!

Each night, Mike would give some space for Dave, Makoto, and Tom Kennedy to improvise a song. The guys would take this opportunity to really stretch out! The chemistry was amazing.

This record is loaded with straight ahead jazz, a little funk, a little Latin, and more. Check out the video, below, for a taste.

Sample the tracks and then purchase! You can dowload the tracks from CD baby using shopping cart on the music player, or download from Dave's shopping cart (below), or purchase the CD through this store (below)!

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