Dave knows his gear.  He is constantly shopping for the best hardware and software to keep The Garage on the cutting edge.

Here is the latest:


Dave plays Yamaha drums, and has both Phoenix and Birch Absolute kits. Both are available immediately in the studio. Bass drum sizes range from a nice 18" or 20" kick to a thunderous 24x18" for the heavier stuff! 10", 12", 13", 14", and 16" toms can be used along with Dave's signature snare drums. All Yamaha hardware.

Dave uses LP timbales, bells, and other percussion instruments.

A new addition in the drum department is Dave's endorsement with Cajon DG. Paolo makes some fantastic instruments, and Dave is studying to play the cajon. He is already incorporating it into several recordings!

Dave plays Remo heads, mostly coated Ambassadors on the top and clear heads on the bottom. He also plays Remo congas.

Everything gets hit with Vic Firth sticks and products.


Dave exclusively plays the two lines of cymbals he helped create: the Sabian HHX Evolution and Legacy lines. The Evolution cymbals are bright and refined, while the Legacy cymbals feature darker textures.

Studio Hardware
5 Daking Mic Pre/EQs
2 Daking Mic Pre IVs
2 Daking Compressors
2 DBX 166XT Compressors

1 Universal Audio Stereo Tube mic pre

2 192s with added input/output cards

MAC PRO 8 Core, OS 10.6x - Pro Tools HD Accel 3

Magma 6 slot PE6R4 PCIE to PCI chassis

Glyph/Western Digital Firewire drives
Big Ben Clocking
2 Lexicon PCM 70s
4-SPX 900s
Dangerous Audio 2bus LT analog summing amp for mix down
KK Audio Edit Desk

C24 Pro Tools Control Surface
30" Apple HD Cinema Screen
2 Barefoot mm27 speakers
Audio Accessories TT Patch Bay
Yamaha NS 10 speakers
M-Audio Reference Monitors
SY99 Keyboards, a few old Yamaha sound mods, Alesis Masterlink
Panasonic 3700 DAT machine

Pro Tools HD 8 and 9
Logic Pro
Waves Platinum, Digi, Universal Audio (50), plugins

SHURE MICS: 4-Sm57s, 2SM 58s, 3-Beta 52, 6-SM98s, 2-KSM 44s, 2- KSM 32s, 3- SM81s,
2-KSM 141, AKG: 3-451s, 2-DPA 4011s


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