Here is what some of Dave's clients are saying about Dave Weckl Production Services:

One of my favorite things to do on just about any project I'm producing is to
work with Dave Weckl. Recording at his studio is a pleasure.
His sound is totally dialed in, the drum sound is amazing and needs very little
sweetening in the mix. As you would expect, Dave's musical ideas and preparation
are unsurpassed. He's performed on my last two albums and the songs he's featured
on are standouts.

- Jeff Lorber

"Always being a fan of Dave's music, and knowing his involvement in mixing his own albums, I asked Dave to mix my album 'Signals'. He was an absolute joy to work with. Incredibly open minded and always striving to improve on what was already a great 'mix', the greatest aspect of working with Dave is that he put a 150% love into it, as if his own . . . . . ."

- Phil Turcio
Keyboardist and Composer

Working with Dave was an astonishing and feverish experience. Dave’s self-discipline, devotion, patience and energy all through the course left me open-mouthed. Along with his affable and passionate character, he neither jumped nor failed to notice any singe detail.

Being in constant contact with me, considering all the possibilities together live time triggered my creativity consequently, I was able to visualize my own music much better in the mix. Eventually, Dave reflected the sound and balance I had created in my mind to such an extent that I can not imagine being able to go beyond this point in this project.

Dave is capable of reaching the soul of each instrument and locating them in the best places. As I close my eyes and listen to the music today, it seems that I’m watching & listening to a live performance, it’s as if I can hear and see the position of each instrument accurately and their distance from me.

I strongly believe that this project fell into the hands of the optimum and I when the time comes again for another project, I’ll call Dave without a moment of hesitation.

- Okan Ersan
Guitarist, Composer & Recording Artist

What’s it like working with Dave? In a word – fabulous!

Having Dave contribute (record/submix) drum & timbale tracks for a tune on our upcoming debut CD has been nothing short of a dream come true! He is the quintessential musician’s musician…totally professional, very flexible, and a great communicator.

He is able to zero in on what you would like him to do, and then take it to the next level. Truly inspiring and a song writer’s dream come true. Thanks Dave!

- Anton Johnson
Dreaming In Colour

It's a great experience to work with Dave, our first pick straight into the hard drive all delivered on time in time. The drum sound is top notch and the drumming absolutely world class. Dave Weckl and his studio is a big help to get your production sound absolutely stunning.

- Jonas Reingold and Roine Stolt
(Transatlantic, The Flower Kings)

I consider Dave Weckl’s reputation and value as a drummer and musician in general, to be indisputable worldwide. My co-operation with him was an astounding experience for me.

Recording 2 albums with him, and sharing the stage as well, gave me the opportunity to get to know him closer, and clearly identify the reasons that have established him as one of the greatest drummers of all time. I think that anyone who listens to “Domino” and “Interspirit” can easily verify the essential drumistic contribution that he has made to challenging scores, which he interpreted with amazing accuracy, perfection, taste, musicality and a brilliant sound.

The 2 CDs were recorded mainly in Athens, with the exception of the drums which Dave Weckl recorded personally in his own studio, so maintaining his unique sound. It is an honor for me and my music to have it performed by such a worthy musician, as my friend Dave Weckl.

- Yiorgos Fakanas

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