PHX "Phoenix" Series

Yamaha's flagship PHX-Phoenix drum kit was developed and handcrafted after four years of extensive research at Yamaha's new drum laboratory. Working with world leading artists, sound engineers and drum technicians, the aim was to build the best possible sounding drum kit. Using Yamaha's 40 years of craftsmanship know-how, we completely redesigned and improved all the elements of the drum to create the ultimate in quality and in appearance.

The shell of the drum is a hybrid of three materials; Jatoba, Kapur and Maple. In our studies into the vibration of a shell we understood the need to have different strengths of materials to enhance vibration. The centre-ply of the shell is made from Jatoba, this very hard material from Japan providing the core of the sound and is the strength of the shell. Either side of this is Kapur from Brazil. Kapur is a softer material than Jatoba which contributes to the body of the sound with warm mid-low range frequency. Finally, Maple from North America adds good response and balance. The shells are finished in either Maple or Ash, making the drums 11-Ply in total.

Our next-generation YESS mounting system is also employed on the PHX. Mounted to a wooden plate using rubber parts attached to the shell, this system allows the shell to vibrate freely and keep the resonance and sound within the shell.

The new Hook Lug is designed to take the majority of metal away from the shell to allow the drum to resonate. Using our deep understanding of the Nodal point, the new Hook Lug is mounted at a very special point of the shell to control unwanted shell vibration and overtones.

The PHX - Phoenix drum kit has the most dynamic sound quality. Already receiving critical acclaim from the industry, artists and sound engineers, the PHX - Phoenix drums have been described as loud and fat. With deep warm lows, sharp attack and long resonance and sustain the drums feel unique to play, providing previously unheard levels of dynamics and focus.

Yamaha Dave Weckl Signature Snare Drums

Dave Weckl 13" Maple Snare

This is the original design concept Dave had for his signature drum in size and material. This drum is incredibly versatile, sounding amazing tuned high or low. Dave uses this drum now more as a second snare to his left for a tighter "pop."

Of course, the "signature" aspect of Dave's drums from Yamaha are the dual snare strainers.

Dave always had a problem with only one strainer. It was either too tight or too loose, and he could never quite get it comfortable. With this design, he uses one tight strainer (with normal steel wires) for the precision and one loose (with stainless steel wires) for the snare buzz to get theto get the best of both worlds simultaneously.

The 14" snare features the same aspects as the 13", but with the sound and feel that the traditional size offers. The dual strainer system is also featured on this drum.

The new version of this drum is now 5.5 inches in depth (instead of 5 inches).

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Yamaha Recording Custom

It all started with the Yamaha Recording Custom. Dave's fans will remember that cherry wood kit from his earliest work with Chick Corea and his early instructional videos.

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Yamaha Maple Custom

These are the drums Dave toured with for more than 10 years. Truly great drums
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Yamaha Birch Absolute

This is the kit that was in  Dave's studio for more than 10 years - with the Vintage finish - and he occasionally played a Birch Absolute when touring the European Union.
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