Drum Gear

Dave takes his gear very seriously.

He has been involved with the development of two cymbal lines - the Sabian Evolution and Legacy series cymbals. He has also be active in Yamaha's development of the high level PHX ("Phoenix") series of drums, plus Yamaha's snare drums that feature a dual-strainer system.

Dave has two signature series drum sticks through Vic Firth, and has also helped develop the Remo Dave Weckl Adjustable Bass Drum Muffling System and Remo Active Drum Dampening System.

You can learn more about the drum gear Dave uses in the right column of the page.

Studio Gear

Dave is just as serious about his studio gear - and it's constantly changing as he upgrades for the best possible sound on his own recordings and those he completes for clients through Dave Weckl Production Services.

Here is a short video of Dave talking about his studio, the gear, and his approach to recording/mixing projects...


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