9.28.16: Mike Stern/Dave Weckl Band Shows
Dave will be joining guitar legend Mike Stern for a European tour - co-led by both musicians! They will perform tunes from both musicians' books!

The band will feature Bob Malach (sax) and Tom Kennedy (bass). Dave will also join the Mike Stern Band for U.S. dates in December. That band will features Bob Franceschini (sax) and Tom Kennedy (bass).

Click here to see all the dates!
9.7.16: Chick Corea Elektric Band Shows!
The Chick Corea Elektric Band residency at Catalina Jazz Club in LA featured 14 sold-out shows and a star-studded list of guest musicians!

The classic lineup with Chick, Dave Weckl, John Patitucci, Eric Marienthal and Frank Gambale tore through E-Band classics like "Trance Dance," "Got a Match?" and "Eternal Child" for seven nights of sheer mastery. Guests included Herbie Hancock, Alicia Keys, John Mayer, Billy Childs, Hubert Laws, Greg Phillinganes, Stanley Clarke, and Phillip Bailey!

This is only the beginning of the Elektric Bandís 2016 reunion tour, which continues Oct. 12 at the Capitol Theatre in Clearwater, FL, and finishes up with 10 sets in five nights at the Blue Note Jazz Club, NY. Plus: rumor has it that more shows will be added for 2017! Stay tuned!
3.3.16: DWAB Live DVD Released!
The incredible Dave Weckl Acoustic Band has released a brand new LIVE DVD! The high quality shoot features more than an hour and a half of footage, 11 tunes, and a full drum solo. This concert catches the unique chemistry of this fantastic group, featuring Dave, Tom Kennedy, Gary Meek, and Makoto Ozone.

"I have spent most of my career reaching for a greater and deeper freedom to create. My greatest reward has been the chemistry shared on stage with many great musicians. This band has a unique chemsitry that elevates that freeom for all of us. We thrive together - every night - in an ideal creative space."  - Dave Weckl

Click here to get it!
11.29.15 : Flies On The Studio Wall DVD/Blu Ray Now Available!
Flies On The Studio Wall is the new DVD/Blu Ray from Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver! It is a behind-the-scenes movie covering the making of Dave and Jay's 2014 release Convergence.

The movie is more than two hours long and features:

- comprehensive history of Dave and Jay
- studio/gear tour
- recording and production footage from all ten songs
- funny outtakes

As always, you save 15% when you purchase two or more products on Dave's site. If you don't have Convergence, you can pick up the CD plus this new movie ata great savings!

Click here to learn more and purchase!
  9.27.15 : Dave Weckl Acoustic Band Asian Tour
Dave joined Makoto Ozone, Gary Meek, and Tom Kennedy for an exciting tour of Asia!

The band made stops all over Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan performing tunes from their Of The Same Mind CD. Nearly all the shows were sold out, and all of the crowds were friendly and fun!

You can get a CD or download Of The Same Mind right here on Dave's Web site!
  8.11.15 : Drum Fantasy Camp Wrapup!
Dave joined Benny Greb, Mike Mangini, Jojo Mayer, and Steve Smith at the 2015 Drum Fantasy Camp. The camp took place at the incredible Vic's Drum Shop in Chicago!

The camp opened with a concert at Martyrs' featuring Benny, Mike, and Steve on drums. They joined an all-star band featuring James Genus (bass), Stu Mindeman (keys), Chrissi Poland (vocals), and Vinny Valentino (guitar). Dave and Jojo joined in at the end - marching onto the stage with their snare drums to "When the Saints Go Marching In." This turned into a five-way snare drum jam!

Over the next four days, Dave ran all-day master classes and joined the rest of the camp for nightly jams. On the last night, he and Jojo Mayer were featured at the closing concert. He and Jojo had fun with a duet during the closing piece, "Higher Ground."

Click here to learn more about Drum Fantasy Camp.
9.18.14 : Dave Weckl Artwork Now Available!
Dave has released 10 incredible photographs! Entitled The Color of Rhythm, each photo features a timed exposure with swirls of color created by Dave's playing.

Click here to see all the available pieces! Perfect for the home, office, and studio!
8.30.14 : Dave Weckl Acoustic Band Release!
Dave Weckl has a new band - The Dave Weckl Acoustic Band - which features Tom Kennedy (bass), Gary Meek (sax), and Makoto Ozone (keys). The band has released a new CD/download package called Of The Same Mind.

Check out a video of the band - and purchase it here!
6.20.14 :  Covergence CD and Play Alongs Released!
Dave has collaborated with Jay Oliver to release 10 new songs! Entitled Convergence, the project also features play along versions for all instruments. The CD and playalongs are ONLY available in the Dave Weckl Store. Download your copy right now or order a hard copy!
5.1.14 : Dave Weckl Clinic Tour and One-Day Intensives
Dave is back on the road this May, touring across Canada as part of his Yamaha 30th Anniversary tour. He'll be doing large group clinics plus his popular One-Day Intensives (in selected cities).

Classes in Canada are sold out, but make sure to stay tuned for classes in Europe and the United States (East and West Coast) later this year!
Dave and Jay Oliver have recorded a brand new album entitled "Convergence." The album will be available in late March - exclusively on Dave's site.

"Convergence" is an eclectic mix of songs! It features some "throwback" fusion tunes, a saucy "New Orleans" style tune, a remake of a Stevie Wonder tune featuring Dave and Chris Coleman, a drum solo piece, and much more!

Dave is also releasing play along packages that include each song minus each instrument plus a chart. Drummers get a multi-camera video of Dave's actual sessions.

Check back for updates!
  11.1.13 : Clinic Tour and One-Day Intensive
Dave has been all over the world running large group clinics and intimate one-day "intensives."

Dave has appeared in cities across Asia, Europe, and North America. In Asia, Dave ran large group clinics. In Europe and North America, it has been a two-day program. The first day is the large group clinic, and day two is an all day "intensive" featuring small group learning and individual attention.

The one-day "intensives" are limited to 12 drummers (intermediate to advanced) and attendees register and pay on Dave's Web site.

More information coming soon!
  5.1.13 : Drum Fantasy Camp! 
For the seventh consecutive year, Dave will teach and perform at Drum Fantasy Camp! The camp will take place August 8-12, 2013, at the Hyatt in Cleveland, Ohio. He will be joined by Thomas Lang, Aaron Spears, and Steve Smith!

The camp kicks off on August 8 with a blowout concert at Cleveland' House of Blues. Dave and the other instructors will perform with Baron Browne (Billy Cobham/Vital Information), Vinny Valentino (George Benson/Vital Information), and Chrissi Poland (Moby/Scissor Sisters).

Attendees will spend one full day with each of these incredible drum instructors. At night, you get to jam with Baron, Vinny, and Chrissi, while the instructors watch and join in! It's an extrmemly informative and inspiring five days - perfect for drummers of all ages, playing levels, and styles.

Space is limited. Go here to learn more and register:  www.drumfantasycamp.com
11.8.12  :  Dave and Jay Oliver Announce New Project!
Dave and his longtime collaborator Jay Oliver are working on a new MEGAPROJECT together. Many of Dave's fans will remember Jay from Dave's earlier recordings such as Master Plan, Heads Up, Hard Wired, Rhythm of the Soul, and Synergy.

Utilizing Pledge Music, a leading crowdfunding site that focuses only on high quality music projects, fans can help make the project happen and reserve their copy of the new album by "pledging" as little as $15 before the album is produced.

Of course, higher pledges include some very cool extras, but all who pledge will get exclusive project updates with photos, video, and more.

Hurry! The campaign ends in December! Go here to pledge!
  8.13.12  :  Drum Fantasy Camp Wraps Up
Dave joined Keith Carlock, Peter Erskine, Will Kennedy, and Steve Smith at the 2012 Drum Fantasy Camp! The camp was held at the House of Blues and Hyatt Regency in Cleveland, Ohio. Drumming legend Vic Firth also made an appearance!

Along with the other instructors, Dave performed with bassist John Benitez, singer/keboardist/drummer Josh Dion, keyboardist Oli Rockberger, and guitarist Vinny Valentino. He then taught small master classes for four days. Learn more about the camp at www.drumfantasycamp.com.
6.3.12  :  Concert and Clinic in Chicago
Dave spent an afternoon at hung out at the incredible Vic's Drum Shop in Chicago. Vic has an amazing space - with the widest selection of gear you'll ever see, and endless practice/rehearsal rooms. Later in the evening, Dave conducted a clinic at the famous Martyrs jazz club. The previous evening, he performed in front of a full house at Martyrs with Oz Noy and James Genus!
11.28.11  :  Elektric Band Shows
Dave wrapped up a long weekend of shows at NYC's The Blue Note with the original Chick Corea Elektric Band! The shows were part of a month-long celebration of Chick's 70th birthday. Dave, Frank Gambale, Eric Marienthal, and John Patitucci joined Chick for songs that spanned the legendary pianist/keyboardist's storied career.

Check out Dave's Facebook page for more photos!
8.15.11  :  Drum Fantasy Camp 2011
Dave joined Chris Coleman, Peter Erskine, Gavin Harrison, and Steve Smith, at the 2010 Drum Fantasy Camp - August 11-15 at the Hyatt in Cleveland! The camp featured small classes with Dave and the other instructors, plus fun jams in the evening, and an amazing concert! Click here for more information about upcoming camps!
3.9.10  :  Dave Announces Italian Clinic Tour
Dave will be all over Italy this April for clinics in beautiful Italy! Click here to see the full schedule!
1.20.10  :  Dave Releases "You Rang?"
Dave, George Whitty, and Ric Fierabracci have released a great new song called "You Rang?" This is the second independent release by Dave. Once again, play-alongs, charts, and a video of Dave are available. The song was written by George and presents an ambient jazz feel with great solos. Click here to learn more and download!
12.28.09  :  New Jay Oliver Album
Dave's longtime friend and collaborator Jay Oliver (keys) has released a fabulous solo piano album. The music comes highly-recommended by Dave. Click here to watch an inspiring video by Jay and to download the music.
8.25.09  :  Dave Appears on Mike Stern's Big Neighborhood
Dave joins an all-star cast on Mike Stern's latest release, Big Neighborhood, including: Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Esperanza Spalding, Richard Bona, Terri Lyne Carrington, Cindy Blackman, Lionel Cordew, Chris Minh Doky, Lincoln Goines, Randy Brecker, Bob Malach and more! Click here to purchase the CD or an mp3 download! Click here to read a review!
8.9.09  :  New Song and Play-Along Package!
It's official! Dave has released a new single with play-along versions and charts, for each instrument, plus a video of Dave performing the song! Click here to learn more and download!
8.5.09 :  Dave Appears on the Late, Late, Show!
Dave recently performed on the Late, Late, Show with Bernie Williams. Check out the video on the right side of this page!
8.3.09  :  August Drum Fantasy Camp
Dave will join Peter Erskine, Steve Smith, Tommy Igoe, and Dafnis Prieto at Drum Fantasy Camp this August! Learn more...
8.1.09  :  Drums for Sale
Dave will be auctioning off some of his classic drum kits! Stay tuned for information about purchasing one of the incredible kits!
Dave appears on the new Mike Stern Band DVD, along with Mike Stern (guitar), Tom Kennedy (bass), and Bob Franceschini (sax). Click here to view a promo video, and click here to purchase at Amazon.com.
Dave has updated his studio page with new photos and a video! Click here to check it out and learn how you can get Dave on your next recording as a drummer and/or a producer.
NAMM, the trade association of the international music products industry, just wrapped up its 2009 Winter show. At show close, NAMM reported 85,799 registrants.

Dave attended the show on Saturday, taking in the many sites and sounds and also signing autographs at Sabian, Yamaha, and Vic Firth. He also spent time in the Remo booth.

Click here to listen to an interview with Dave, where he talks about the current Mike Stern tour and the new Yamaha Phoenix drums he's playing!
Dave Weckl finished almost a week of teaching and performing at the 2008 Drum Fantasy Camp today. Dave joined instructors Steve Smith, Horacio Hernandez, Tony Royster, Jr., Jamey Haddad, Ganesh Kumar, and Dave Brewer for master classes with more than 80 attendees at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Cleveland, Ohio. Dave also performed with guitarist Oz Noy and bassist Will Lee. Steve Smith performed with his band, Vital Information, with guest appearances by Jamey Haddad (percussion) and Ganesh Kumar (Kanjira).

Click here to view two years of photos from this incredible event.

Flying straight in from Europe after touring with Jeff Lorber's band, Dave arrived in Columbus, Ohio, for PASIC 2007 ready to go. More than 700 people attended Dave's clinic at the Hyatt Grand Ballroom, which was sponsored by Sabian, Yamaha, Vic Firth, Remo, and Shure.
During the 50-minute presentation, Dave talked about taking a musical approach to drumming.

"There aren't too many gigs for drum soloists out there," Dave said to the standing-room only crowd. "Be musical," he added, "because if you want to get called back, you need to please the band leader first."

Dave also stressed the importance of developing independence, but not to build flashy chops. He showed how simple hand/foot independence exercises can make fills more musical. In one example, he showed how just maintaining a quarter-note or eighth-note "pulse" with the hi-hat can preserve the groove during a fill. Dave then got the audience involved by having them clap an ostinato while he soloed over it.

The audience was electric and the clinic ended with a standing ovation. Dave then ran over to the Sabian booth to sign autographs for an hour!
Video Bytes

Dave Weckl - The Color of Rhythm

The Dave Weckl Acoustic Band Preview

Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver
"Higher Ground"

Dave and Chris Coleman
at Drum Fantasy Camp