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Dave is available to record drum tracks, mix songs, and produce full projects remotely and on-site. Additionally, he can source top musicians and manage the entire project.

Write to with the full nature of your project. Please make sure to include download/YouTube links so that Dave can hear the track(s) or similar work. This will help him determine if the project is a good fit and the cost.

Dave regularly teaches large-group clinics and small group "Intensives" (limited to just 12 participants).

Most often, the clinics are organized by manufacturers that Dave endorses. His "Intensives" are usually linked to a clinic, or his own master class tour, or an existing event such as Drum Fantasy Camp.

Please write to us at to inquire about booking Dave for an
educational event.

Dave is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. He also has an e-mail list that is used periodically to announce important events, music releases, and more.

Dave does not accept friend requests for his personal Facebook page. That page is reserved for family and colleagues.

You can join Dave's e-mail list can connect directly to his social media pages using the navigation bar in the top-right of this page.

Dave encourages everyone to share his videos and music online. However, his music and videos are copyright protected. Please follow these guidelines to avoid having materials taken down.

Sharing Music and Videos

Please do not upload any music from any of Dave's albums or instructional videos to any social media sites, YouTube, or file sharing sites.

Also, please do not download and then re-upload a song or video you find on social platforms.

If you would like to share something, please only share music and videos that are already uploaded to Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms. You can use a YouTube link or you can click the "share" button on Facebook to do this.

Live Recording

Most jazz clubs and other venues where Dave performs are privately owned and have "house rules" with respect to filming and audio recoding. Dave's contract with these venues prohibits both. Please refrain from filming and audio recording at  Dave's shows.

Play Along Uploads

Some of Dave's music is available in play along packages, giving musicians the ability to create their own versions of tunes. Dave understands that some musicians like to upload their performances to social media and he is fine with this, provided that the following guidelines are followed:

If you would like to produce your own recording with one of the play-alongs being sold on this site and share it on YouTube or any other Web site, please title your upload: "(your name) performing (song) from the Dave Weckl album (name)"

Please include a link to
in the description so that others may find and purchase Dave's products.


Our products are produced by great musicians who work hard to bring great products your way. We appreciate your respect for these guidelines.

- Dave Weckl Music, Inc.