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Get Ready for the Dave Weckl Online School!

The all-new Dave Weckl Online School will go live sometime in July. Filmed with up to six high definition cameras in Dave's home studio, you will get multiple angles of everything - plus fully mixed/mastered sound produced by Dave.

What is the Dave Weckl Online School?

A Comprehensive Enyclopedia of Dave

The Dave Weckl Online School is a comprehensive series of video lessons. The lessons are extremely in-depth and focus on foundational elements of good playing: ergonomic drum setup, good tuining, technique, and musicality. Take a look at the right column of this page for specific courses and lessons that will be available when the school goes live!

A Support Community

The school  will have a forum where drummers can exchange ideas and tips - and also offer input on Dave's lessons so that we can improve them. Dave will be checking into the forum from time-to-time to answer your questions, check out your videos, and more.

Dave will also have a closed Facebook Group exclusively for subscribers. He and his team will monitor the community to give feedback on the discussion.

A Full Spectrum of Content

Dave has filmed lessons with Moeller expert Dom Famularo, plus discussions with amazing musicians, including: Mike Stern, Oz Noy, and Tom Kennedy. You will continue to get new perspectives and motivation from a wide range of musicians.

Dave will also post "Lessons from the Road." He's travelling with Chick Corea this summer and will have his Zoom cameras running each night! He'll post drum solos and more - with great audio mixes and short lessons to help you understand what he is doing.

The school will also include full play-along materials so that you can create content, get feedback, and improve.

A Tool for Drum Teachers

Dave's courses are the perfect tools for drum teachers. It's a great way to teach drummers of all ages great foundation. And teachers will be able to use Dave's online school at little or no cost by joining our affiliate program (more on that soon!)

How is Dave's School Different Than Other Online Learning Platforms?

There are plenty of YouTube videos and other sites that teach "licks" and fragments of drumming concepts. Dave wants to immerse you in the foundation of great drumming by passing on his knowledge and experience - the concepts and tools that have helped make him one of the world's great drummers.

No matter what level you play at - he wants you to think about your height and position, how your drums are set up, how to build technique that makes playing effortless, how to achieve a great drum sound, and how to create amazing musicality on the drums.

The online school environment takes Dave's previous videos to a whole new level. We're not limited to the running time of a DVD. Dave gets incredibly in-depth here - presenting everything he has learned throughout his unique 50 years of playing drums.

How Does This Work and What Does it Cost?

When the school goes live early this summer, you will be able to subscribe right here. You will register, enter your credit card, and immediately gain access. A recurring fee of $30 per month will be charged to your credt card - and you can cancel at any time. Six-month and yearly subscriptions will be less expensive, and teachers will be able to save with our affiliate program.

The value? An ongoing resource to push yourself toward something better, including all the tools and knowledge you need...provided by one of the best drummers in the world. Your membership will entitle you to everything the school offers: a growing catalog of lessons and play alongs, the online forum and Facebook group, periodic live webinars with Dave, and more!

Here is a list of courses, that will be available when the Dave Weckl Online School goes live, including more than 10 hours of HD footage, play along materials, interviews, and more.

Dave will be adding to the curriculum regularly and also running live webinars where you can interact with him in real time!

Ergonomic Setup for Drums
Full Drum Tuning Course
Full Hand Technique Course/Exercises
Full Foot Technique Course/Exercises
Groove Playing
Play Alongs that feature full lessons, download of charts, drumless tracks, and videos of Dave's performance
Guest Lessons with Dom Famularo, Oz Noy, Mike Stern, and Tom Kennedy
Incorporating A Left-Side Tom
Playing with Bundles

Courses that are under development:

Full Independence Course
Playing with Brushes
Choosing Drums, cymbals, heads, and sticks
Using a mixer in live situations
Getting a great sound in the studio
More Play Alongs with Full Lessons
Sound engineering course