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Protechtor Cases by Gator

Dave has been using Protechtor Cases by Gator for many years now.

Protechtor cases are made by a process called rotational molding, which takes a powdered plastic, melts it, and molds it into the exact shape of the case. Protechtor cases are made of a high-density polyethylene--the same as that used for the slides and toys in McDonalds’ outdoor playlands. That equipment is weather-resistant and unbreakable -- everything that you’d want a drum case to be.

Impact resistance is among the highest in the industry. And since the process tends to push more plastic into the corners of the molds than onto the sidewalls, you get an extremely durable, resilient corner. Also, because the material was created originally for the agriculture and RV industries, it’s great for temperatures from 60 [degrees] below zero to 200 [degrees] above. It even lends itself to being drilled or reinforced with metal plates or brackets for transportation or lifting. With some of the thinner plastic stuff, as soon as you drill a hole and put a bracket into it, forget about it.

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