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  Remo Drum Heads

Remo, the recognized leader in drumheads, has a wide assortment products to suit the needs of every drummer and every situation.

Dave currently uses coated Ambassador batter heads for all his drums (including bass drums). He wants all of his drums to have the same attack and tone characteristics; to sound and feel like ONE instrument. Dave uses clear Ambassadors on the under side of toms and ambassador-weight heads on the snare side of his snare drums. 
  Remo Bass Drum Muffling System

Dave and Herbie May, from Remo, designed this bass drum muffling system. It was based on a concept Dave learned from Simon Phillips, which was to roll up a towel and tape it to the head and shell.

This system uses a felt-covered tube that lays on the shell next to the head, fastened with clamps that velcro to the shell. The clamps can be moved in tight or farther away from the head for any desired dampening.

It comes in three sizes for 22", 20" and 18" bass drums. The smaller 18" version works well on the front head too.
Remo External Bass Drum Dampening System

Dave and Remo are working on an external bass drum dampening system for non-ported heads. Look for a produce release in the fall of 2017!
  Remo Active Drum Dampening System

Dave designed this innovative drum dampening system with the help of Herbie May, at Remo.

Putting something directly on the head such as tape or rings can muffle and drastically affect the sound and feel. The active dampening system has a floating plunger that acts like a physical noise gate, moving off the head upon impact to allow the drum to breath. It then comes back down to muffle the drum depending on your taste.

The system was designed for snare drums, but can also be used on toms. In either case, the drum sound retains much of the feel. It is adjustable enough to clamp to most any rim. 
  Remo Valencia Series Bongos

These great sounding bongos can be heard on all of the Dave Weckl Band releases from Transition through Multiplicity. Dave found that they worked well with hands or sticks, and were a great addition to the drum set for adding "forward motion" with a different sound. 

Click here to visit the Remo Web site.