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Signature Sticks

The EVOLUTION signature stick was designed by Vic Firth and Dave to correlate with changes Dave made to his playing approach in the late '90s.

It has a slightly heavier front end than his original signature stick (the red one), producing a great balance from a 'center of gravity' balance point, allowing rebound to happen with very little effort. It is similar in size to a 5A, with a different tip and different balance in the front end.

The SDW features a barrel tip for a broad cymbal sound. It's fast, with great leverage, and is available in wood or nylon tip (SDWN). L = 16 1/4", Dia. = .560"

The SDW2 features a short tear drop tip on a 5A shaft. It provides superior cymbal definition with excellent rebound. It is also now available with a nylon tip. L = 16", Dia. = .563"

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